Inspiration for baking

The challenge of creating a beautiful yet tasty cupcake for our themes can be daunting, but here’s some tips on how to get some inspiration.

Google is your friend

InspirationFor many Bakers at IronCupcake, the most exciting part is deciding what to make for the competition!  Simply googling the month’s theme can bring so many ideas, especially when you start looking at images.  You can also try googling the theme + ‘cupcakes’, but don’t be put off by the professionals – we want to see your interpretation, not theirs!

If you’re looking for recipes, the internet can be a very fickle friend, as many are untested or simply incorrect – microwave chocolate cake anyone?!  My advice is to choose recipes from established websites (IronCupcake recommend BBC Good Food and Delia Online), or recipes which have positive and genuine user comments saying that the recipe worked.

If you’re unsure, try your recipe out before the competition to see what you might need to change.

Cake recipes for cupcakes

Many recipes for whole cakes can be transferred to cupcakes quite easily, with a reduction in oven time and sometimes temperature.  As a general rule, bake your cupcakes at around 170 degrees and keep your eye on them.  Test at around 10-15 minutes – a skewer will come out completely clean when they are cooked.

Pinterest for pinspiration

The pinboard-style website is a fantastic resource for bakers lacking in inspiration.  Try searching the theme or theme + ‘cupcakes’, as with Google, and you should find some beautiful photos as a result.  Again, be wary of using untested recipes.  Each month, IronCupcake creates a board for the theme which you can follow for more inspiration!  Visit IronCupcake:Leeds’ Pinboard.

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