When you arrive

When you arrive

The IronCupcake:Leeds competitions are held at the Adelphi pub in Leeds city centre (see map).  The competitions start at 5.45pm, with cake tasting commencing at 6pm.  If you’re a Baker and you need time to set up your cupcakes, you can arrive any time after 5pm.

When you enter the Adelphi, go straight ahead and up the stairs, past the IronCupcake sign!  You’ll be asked to provide your name and your order number, found on the confirmation email from your tickets.  Bakers and Eaters will be given our lovely IronCupcake stickers:

117494913                             117494923 

Cupcake entries are categorised by number and colour – for example, 1-10 in yellow, and 1-10 in blue.  Bakers will receive two coloured flags with a number, corresponding to their entry in the competition.  Please insert one flag into each of your two whole cupcakes.

Eaters will receive a coloured scoring card, either yellow or blue.  Your colour scoring card corresponds to the group that you are tasting at the event.  We will hand the scoring cards out alternately to ensure the competition is as fair as possible.  Please note: there is no option for ‘spectators’ at the competition – if you want to bring along a friend for support, they will need an Eater ticket.

Bakers will be directed to a table, where they will set up their cupcakes.  One of your whole cupcakes will be taken to be photographed, then placed on the display table for Eaters to judge its appearance.  Your second whole cupcake will stay on your stand, to demonstrate what your cakes looked like before they were cut into quarters!

Please note: Bakers, do not sit by your cupcakes!  You might hear some unwanted comments and it can be intimidating for Eaters.

Eaters can check out the yummy cupcakes they’ll be tasting before the competition.  The upstairs bar at the Adelphi will be open for refreshments.

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