The judging

When all Bakers and Eaters have arrived, our IronCupcake host Charlotte will introduce the competition by running through the rules and the fantastic prizes on offer!

We now have a brand new scoring system at IronCupcake.  Eaters will now be nominating one different cupcake entry in three categories: Taste, Appearance and Theme.  The cupcake entry with the most nominations across all three categories will win Best in Show.  Each category of Taste, Appearance and Theme will then have individual winners.

The voting cards will have a score out of 5 for Taste, Appearance and Theme for each cupcake entry.  These scores will be used if there’s a draw in one of the categories.  On the voting cards, we’ll be asking Eaters to write what they liked about each cupcake they tasted.  When you have judged all the cupcakes in your colour group, hand your scoring card in to Charlotte.  You can read more about why the judging has changed on our blog.

Bakers can now meet other bakers and share recipes over in Bakers’ Corner.  We will also have cake on offer especially for the bakers!

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