We will have individual prizes for the winners of Taste, Appearance and Theme, as well the prize for Best in Show.  The prizes will change from month to month, but in general the Best in Show prize will be worth around £20, and the other three prizes at around £10.  Best of all, everyone will come away with the new look IronCupcake tote bag!

Charlotte will announce the results and hand out the competition’s fantastic prizes.  The winner of Best in Show will pick three competition theme suggestions at random, so we can announce the next competition!

IronCupcake usually finishes around 7 – 7.30pm, but attendees are welcome to stay for a drink afterwards.  If there are any spare cupcakes at the end of the competition, feel free to take a few – but please ask the Baker if they are still around!

We will upload the results of the competition onto the website, including photos of all the entries!  The winning will receive pride of place on our homepage.  You can stay in touch with IronCupcake:Leeds through emailFacebookTwitter and by following our blog.

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