New to IronCupcake

What to bring

If you want to enter cupcakes into the competition, you’ll need a Baker ticket.  If you want to judge cupcakes at the competition, you’ll need an Eater ticket!

Bakers and Eaters must buy their tickets before the competition so that we know how many people to expect.  Baker tickets are limited to 20 and these tend to sell out fast!  You can buy tickets using PayPal through our online shop.  Read more about buying tickets and our T&Cs on our page Buy Tickets.

You don’t need to print out your tickets – just bring the order number found on your ticket confirmation email.

  • Eaters checklist:
  • Your order number found on your ticket confirmation email
  • Pen for marking
  • An empty stomach!
  • Bakers checklist:
  • Bring your order number found on your ticket confirmation email
  • 12 cupcakes that match the theme of the competition
  • 2 cupcakes that are left whole
  • 10 cupcakes that are already cut into quarters
  • A sign with the name and description of your cupcakes
  • Optional: your own cupcake stand or plate

Please note: if you’re making mini cupcakes, you’ll need 40 mini cupcakes plus two full size cupcakes.

When you arrive

The IronCupcake:Leeds competitions are held at the Adelphi pub in Leeds city centre (see map).  The competitions start at 5.45pm, with cake tasting commencing at 6pm.  If you’re a Baker and you need time to set up your cupcakes, you can arrive any time after 5pm.

When you enter the Adelphi, go straight ahead and up the stairs, past the IronCupcake sign!  You’ll be asked to provide your name and your order number, found on the confirmation email from your tickets.  Bakers and Eaters will be given our lovely IronCupcake stickers:



Cupcake entries are categorised by number and colour – for example, 1-10 in yellow, and 1-10 in blue.  Bakers will receive two coloured flags with a number, corresponding to their entry in the competition.  Please insert one flag into each of your two whole cupcakes.

Eaters will receive a coloured scoring card, either yellow or blue.  Your colour scoring card corresponds to the group that you are tasting at the event.  We will hand the scoring cards out alternately to ensure the competition is as fair as possible.  Please note: there is no option for ‘spectators’ at the competition – if you want to bring along a friend for support, they will need an Eater ticket.

Bakers will be directed to a table, where they will set up their cupcakes.  One of your whole cupcakes will be taken to be photographed, then placed on the display table for Eaters to judge its appearance.  Your second whole cupcake will stay on your stand, to demonstrate what your cakes looked like before they were cut into quarters!

Please note: Bakers, do not sit by your cupcakes!  You might hear some unwanted comments and it can be intimidating for Eaters.

Eaters can check out the yummy cupcakes they’ll be tasting before the competition.  The upstairs bar at the Adelphi will be open for refreshments.

The judging

When all Bakers and Eaters have arrived, our IronCupcake host Charlotte will introduce the competition by running through the rules and the fantastic prizes on offer!

We now have a brand new scoring system at IronCupcake.  Eaters will now be nominating one different cupcake entry in three categories: Taste, Appearance and Theme.  The cupcake entry with the most nominations across all three categories will win Best in Show.  Each category of Taste, Appearance and Theme will then have individual winners.

The voting cards will have a score out of 5 for Taste, Appearance and Theme for each cupcake entry.  These scores will be used if there’s a draw in one of the categories.  On the voting cards, we’ll be asking Eaters to write what they liked about each cupcake they tasted.  When you have judged all the cupcakes in your colour group, hand your scoring card in to Charlotte.  You can read more about why the judging has changed on our blog.

Bakers can now meet other bakers over in Bakers’ Corner.  We will also have cake on offer especially for the bakers!


We will have individual prizes for the winners of Taste, Appearance and Theme, as well the prize for Best in Show.  The prizes will change from month to month, but in general the Best in Show prize will be worth around £20, and the other three prizes at around £10.  Best of all, everyone will come away with the IronCupcake tote bag!

Charlotte will announce the results and hand out the competition’s fantastic prizes.  The winner of Best in Show will pick three competition theme suggestions at random, so we can announce the next competition!

IronCupcake usually finishes around 7 – 7.30pm, but attendees are welcome to stay for a drink afterwards.  If there are any spare cupcakes at the end of the competition, feel free to take a few – but please ask the Baker if they are still around!

We will upload the results of the competition onto the website, including photos of all the entries!  The winning will receive pride of place on our homepage.  You can stay in touch with IronCupcake:Leeds through email, Facebook, Twitter and by following our blog.

About tickets

Baker – enter cupcakes into the competition (£5)

Attending IronCupcake as a Baker means that you be entering 12 cupcakes into the competition, to be judged by the Eaters (read more about what to bring).  Baker tickets must be purchased online in advance so that we know how many entries there will be at the competition.   Baker tickets are limited to 20 and they can sell out fast!

Eater – judge cupcakes at the competition (£5)

Attending IronCupcake as an Eater means that you will be judging the cupcake entries on taste and appearance (read more about judging).  Eater tickets should be purchased online to secure a place, but there may be some Eater tickets available on the door.

Bakers Panel – enter cupcakes and judge other cupcakes (£8)

We’ve introduced a brand new ticket which allows Bakers to both enter their cupcakes and judge others in the competition.  Members of the Bakers Panel will be asked to use their baking insight to judge the cupcakes and give feedback on what they liked.  The winner of the Bakers Panel will receive free entry to next month’s competition and a very special prize to be revealed in August!

T&Cs for tickets

Tickets should be purchased in advance through PayPal on our online shop.  We may have Eater tickets available on the door but this cannot be guaranteed.  Unfortunately no refunds can be given for the tickets so please make sure you are able to attend before you purchase.  Looking forward to seeing you at the next competition!

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