Who can enter IronCupcake:Leeds?

Anyone! Just buy your ticket before the competition and make sure you read our guide New to IronCupcake.

Why do I need to buy a ticket before the competition?

We need to know how many people are coming to keep within capacity for the room.

Are children allowed to attend?

We’re very happy for children to attend with an accompanying adult, but they will need an Eater ticket if they are judging.

For Eaters:

Can I choose which cakes to judge?

Scoring cards for Eaters will be given out alternately, meaning you cannot choose which colour group cakes you will judge.  This is to ensure the competition is as fair as possible.

Are the cupcakes free from nuts or other allergens?

We cannot guarantee the cupcakes are free from allergens because they are made by bakers at home.

For Bakers:

Do I get to taste any cupcakes?

We now have cupcakes dedicated for Bakers to taste in the new Bakers’ Corner.  If there’s any cupcakes left over after judging has finished, you will also be able to taste them.

I’ve never baked cupcakes before, can I still enter?

IronCupcake is a friendly competition and we’re open to all abilities!  We advise you to read our guide for New to IronCupcake and Top Tips pages to make sure you’re fully prepared.

I still have a question, help!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or email!

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